Ltd Ed Green Marble & Sterling Silver Paperweight By ARMAGGAN

limited edition green marble and sterling silver paper weight that belongs to ARMAGGAN Objets d'Art Collection is produced with marble and 925 sterling silver. It was designed with inspiration from the architecture of Artuqid Mosque and is handmade. The sterling silver bird with a gilt finish is a stylized bird shape from Seljuki period. Drawing its inspiration from the traditional handcraft motifs that have left its traces throughout Anatolian history, the traditions from Central Asia to Ottomans that hold a significant place in Anatolian history, architecture and handcrafts, ARMAGGAN Objets d'Art Collection, with its motto ''Unique by Design'', is produced with rare, soon-to-fade way hand craftmanship in limited edition. It is approx 7.7 cm high. Weighs a massive 442.3 grams. It comes in its original box with its certificate of authenticity. Excellent new condition